Semi Auto Assembler (SAIA-210)



SAIA-210 semi-automatic system is comprised of several modules that automatically process and assemble multiple base test components to produce the final product of rapid test device.

The system automatically cuts card into strips, places them inside bottom devices (manually fed), places top devices onto the bottom piece, presses them together, and then are discharged to collection bin to complete the assembly process.

The integral inspection system make sure that only the “good” test devices pass through the assembly process while the “bad or NG” (substandard grade) are automatically discarded. This smart with its cutting-edge system ensures maximum production output and quality.

The system is essentially the same as AIB-300 (fully-automatic) except for the Bowl Feeder module that automatically feeds devices (Cassettes). Therefore, for this model, 2 persons are required to manually feed the devices to the machine.

*For customers requiring fewer workers, Auto-Feeding magazine can be added as an option.

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Key Benefits

  • HIGH THROUGHPUT: Non-stop operation for the ultimate production output.
  • AUTO QC SYSTEM: Dual inspection stations via Vision Cam.

Standard Features

  • Touch screen panel for easy setup and operation.
  • Automatic discarding of defective material.
  • Quick & easy blade removal for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Alarm messages to pinpoint error/jam location for efficient correction.

  • Automatic Device Feed (Magazine Type)
  • Safety Enclosures (Top-deck cabinets for safety and contamination factors)


- Required Manpower
: 2 persons (Top & bottom device feeding)
- Device Feeding Method
: Manual (Option: Auto-feeding magazine)
- Device Type
: Rectangular shaped device for rapid test
- Capacity
: Approximately 1,800 ~ 2,200 devices/hour(Actual number depends on worker’s performance and devices' length and shape, strip size, and etc.)

- Control Panel
: PLC (Touch Screen)
- Card Magazine
: Max. 120 cards can be stacked into magazine
- Blade Type
: Guillotine type (Coated blades for improved “strip clinging” issue and lifespan)
- Device Presser
: Dual press system: press cylinders & roller press

- Inspection Stations

  * 1st Inspection
: Detection of card mis-orientation (Alerts operator of incorrectly fed card).

                                                                  Detection & Discarding of NG mark (Bad part) on card.

  *Required criteria
: For defect marking - Thickness (more than 0.7 mm)

                                                                                                     - Length (more than 2 mm)
                                                         For marking position - Mid-part of membrane, color - black

  * 2nd Inspection
: Detection & Discarding of empty device (no strip) and *incorrectly inserted strip.

                                                                  -Incorrect strip width & alignment
                                                                  -*Membrane damage and foreign substance
                                                                   (*Subject to customer’s device/strip samples evaluation for final confirmation)

- Dimensions
: About 248 (L) x 189 (W) x 190 (H) cm
- Weight
: NA (Available upon request)
- Power
: 220VAC, 1P, 50/60Hz
- Current
: 2.0KVA, 10A
- Main driver
: Servo Motor
- Air Requirement
: 5~7kgf/㎠ (Regulated air supply)

NOTICE: Due to constant engineering improvements, some information including photos and product specifications may not be of current. Thus all information herein is subject to change without prior notice.

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