Automatic Slitting & Bottling System (PAG-440)



[For processing “Good” (non-marked) type of row card]

PAG-440 is a fully automated system which is developed to carry out a multitude of job processes up to the final product of filled bottles by the use of “Good” row card.

The entire operation that starts with row slitting (to convert row into cell), cell bottling (filling-up bottle with cells), and the capping process (closing bottle with cap) are done in one continuous and automatic fashion.

  • features

  • Non-stop continuous automatic action for the ultimate production benefits
  • Auto bottle-feeding by bowl feeder
  • Robotic modular system for material feeding and transporting
  • Adjustable quantity of cells per bottle (standard: 25cells, option: 10, 50cells)
  • High precision slitter for maximum cut accuracy
  • Easy removal of blade head for easy cleaning and maintenance


- Required Manpower
: 1 person
- Capacity
: Max. 1,200 bottles/hour (Based on Tact time, 25cell bottling)
- Magazine Capacity
: Max. 400 sheets (Stackable loading quantity)
- Applicable Bottle Type
: Sanner or CSP
- Cutting Cell Size
: 5.5±0.1 mm (Based on electrode size)

- Dimension
: (Approx.) 6.0(L) x1.7(W) x1.9(H) m
- Weight
: NA (Available upon request)
- Power
: 220VAC, 1P, 50/60Hz
- Current
: 1.5KVA, 8A
- Air Requirement
: 5~7kgf/㎠, clean air

NOTICE: Due to constant engineering improvements, some information including photos and product specifications may not be of current. Thus all information herein is subject to change without prior notice.

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