Membrane Laminator & Card Cutter (LAU-900)



LAU-900 is an automated laminating system developed to produce finished cards (uncut / master sheet) by attaching the pre-treated membrane strip rolls onto a backing roll (PVC film). Guided by alignment fixtures, the machine precisely laminates 2 ~ 12 lines of strips simultaneously (as configured) onto the fed plastic backing which is then cut to 256 mm or at desired length.

The finished cards are now ready for the next mfg. phase of converting the card into individual test strips (dip sticks).
The entire process is done automatically and mechanically for maximum production efficiency, and product quality.

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  • High throughput and product quality
  • Variation of cutting speed allows for easy operation
  • High speed operation maximizes productivity
  • Precise mechanical lamination process prevents lamination irregularities, swelling in the middle, and other substandard conditions resulting in reduced material-loss and contamination factors which are typical in manual process


    - Feeding Speed
    : Variable (50~150 mm/sec)
    - Cutting Speed
    : Variable
    - Number of Membrane Roll Loading
    : Max. 24 rolls (12 rolls for spare) (As required)
    - Number of Lamination Lines (Strips)
    : 2~12 strips (As per customer’s requirement)
    - Membrane Roll Size
    : 5 mm wide, maximum 100 m long (As required)
    - Plastic Roll Size (PVC film)
    : 60 ~ 120 mm wide, 100 m long (As required)

    - Dimension
    : (Approx.) 4000(L)×700(W)×1300(H) mm
    - Weight
    : (Approx.) 500 kg
    - Power
    : 220VAC, 1P, 50/60Hz
    - Current
    : 2.5KVA, 12A

    NOTICE: Due to constant engineering improvements, some information including photos and product specifications may not be of current. Thus all information herein is subject to change without prior notice.

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